Continue to manage and support the co-operation between CIF Operator, as FttH network owner and CAIW, as service provider on a FttH infra structure. Deployment of IPTV, interfacing between the technical departments, the marketing information to the end-users, the network owner and service provider has been the major task in this assignment.
Organised the Spring Meeting of the SCTE Benelux group, with the theme IPTV in commercial rollout. This topic covered relevant issues when deploying IPTV services and was completed with a demonstration of the CAIW IPTV package.
Helping the CTO of CAIW to evaluate and improve procedures in the Technical Department of CAIW.
Continue to work for the Project bureau of CAIW, helping the company to deal with the large number of new projects.
Offering support with the integration of RBCIF (Rabo Bouwfonds Communications Infrastructure Fund), in the CAIW organization. Managed and completed with a FttH study-group the possibilities and guide lines for a move from coaxial networks to FttH networks.
Worked for CIF Operator, helping both CIF Operator and CAIW to prepare the FttH implementation in Krimpen a/d IJssel and Loenen.
The September meeting of the Benelux SCTE during the IBC covered this year the Practical limits in IP Networks, being an actual subject for all-fiber networks
Improve procedures for the CAIW Project Bureau and continue to act as project manager for in-house CAIW projects. These projects include a.o. implementation of new software packages, improvements of internal procedures and new developments.
The September meeting of the Benelux SCTE during the IBC covered the implementation of EuroDOCSIS3.0, presented by speakers from Belgium, the US and The Netherlands.
Assisting CAIW again during the acquisition of other cable networks in the role of project manager, further enhancements were made to the structure and organisation of the Project Bureau.
New software packages in order to optimise the help Desk operations and network monitoring possibilities were introduced and evaluated.
The Spring Meeting of the SCTE was replaced by presentations during the European Cable show, this year held in Amsterdam.
The September meeting of the Benelux SCTE during the IBC covered a new technology, applied in CATV networks. The theme was "VOD experiences & Related Technology"; the MoCA standard and technology was presented as a new possibility to transport high speed data. Again 79 members and visitors participated.
Besides the contribution to regular development projects, major network "take-overs" were realised as project manager. A "Project Bureau" for CAIW had been set up, improving structure and organisation when carrying out new ideas and projects.
A Spring session of the Benelux SCTE was organised, hosted by "Hulskamp Audiovisueel BV", with the theme "High Definition TV". Over 30 members participated this meeting
During the IBC in September, a second Lecture Day covered the topic "Optimising Cable Networks Capacity". Over 80 people visited this interesting event.
In July 2005 proditel discontinued the relationship with Daphne and the distribution of their products. Focus has been given to project management of various development programs at CAIW. Introductions of various software packages for the CATV/Internet industry were carried out.
For the Benelux SCTE a Lecture Day during the IBC was organised with the theme "New Video Distribution Technologies"; 75 people, members and guests, participated to the sessions.
As a result of the development process in 2003, Proditel started to introduce in the Netherlands and Germany the Jade NS-CMTS, developed by Daphne. This hardened CMTS offers a solution for up-grading of the current (Euro-) DOCSIS cable modem systems. Please review Proditel Application Note 0903 for details, including Note 0504 with a practical example. A specification sheet of the product can be found at Jade NS-CMTS specification sheet
Proditel started to organise the Benelux part of the UK based SCTE. As secretary of this so called Benelux SCTE, initiatives will be taken to enlarge the membership of the SCTE on the continent and provide the engineers in that area with presentations and Lecture Days. See www.scte.uk.org for more details
In March 2004 Kabelfoon / CAI-Westland initiated the first application of the NS-CMTS in their operational network. Performances and various IP applications will be tested and evaluated.
During 2003 Proditel will give several presentations on IBC 2003 and BCE 2003 in Maastricht.
about how to solve increased IP traffic issues in existing networks using cable modems.
Project management for CAI-Westland's acquisition of the cablenetworks of
Uithoorn and Aalsmeer.
Operational management for a Kabelfoon development project concerning a new
version of CMTS.
Proditel has signed a distribution agreement with Daphne S.A. for distribution of a new
version CMTS in Holland and Germany.
Proditel was involved in the start of a limited VoIP project in a cable TV system
Proditel is involved in the application for development projects in the broadband IP market
Proditel is involved in the introduction of software packages for management, provision
and billing on cable modem systems
Proditel started the project management of ACTS (Advanced Communication Technology and Services) and IACS (Interoperability Assessment of Cable Systems), two EU-related developments programs
Click here to see the IACS Project website.

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